Ian Graduates from Pre-School

Last Friday Ian went through his first “graduation” — from a program at his pre-school called “Kindergarten Connection.” It’s a program to help the pre-schoolers adjust to actual kindergarten, which Ian starts in just three months!

I put together a little slideshow of the event…

If you have trouble seeing the video above, you can find it at:

Ian Says Good-bye to His Stroller

The time has come.

Ian has gotten too big for the stroller that he has used from birth. It’d seen some hard travelin’ and was getting mildewed. We didn’t feel we could rightly hand it down to someone else.

And so, with heavy heart, Ian rolled it down to the curb today, to be claimed by tomorrow’s trash pick-up (or perhaps by a passing scavenger in need of a well-used stroller).

To commemorate the event, we’ve made a photo montage and posted it to YouTube. It should be embedded below, or you can go directly to YouTube:


Good-bye, old friend.

Chattanooga Vacation: Part One

A recent trip to Chattanooga (31 July to 2 August 2008) was dominated by modes of transportation. The most exciting for Ian was the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum. He just about lost his mind when a genuine antique steam engine (which Ian much favors over diesel engines) pulled up to the depot.

We rode it six miles down the track to a turntable where we got to see the big locomotive turn around.

The next day we moved on to river transportation and hopped on the Southern Belle river boat. Ian spent most of the time with the captain, learning how to steer the boat (note hat from the Tennesse Valley Railroad Museum.

Ian’s FIFTH Birthday

On 27 September 2008, Ian celebrated his fifth birthday.

The celebration began on the Friday before the actual date. At school he treated his classmates to donuts and chocolate milk. His teachers, Ms. Allison and Ms. Gail, managed to stick a lit candle in Ian’s donut.

Saturday was the actual birthday and we elected to take a relatively low-key approach. Ian invited three of his best buds to meet at Chuck E. Cheese’s. And so Penelope, Haven, and Marko assembled at that anarchic locale that is C. E. Cheese’s. The parents suffered through the din, but the kids had a great time.

But we didn’t go for the birthday package provided by Mr. Cheese, because we figured we could get better cake from Mary’s Cakes and Pastries. And we did (see above)!

Ian received some swell presents from generous friends and family (and has written about half of his thank-you notes). Many pictures were taken–too many for Blog Ian. You’ll have to browse over to


to see them!

Sorry for the loooong URL, but this is not a fully public online album.

Ian in a Big Polish Head

While in Poland, Ian was able to experience many local artworks. In the Rynek Główny (market square) in Kraków he particularly enjoyed Eros spętany (Eros Bound) a piece of sculpture by Igor Mitoraj.

According to Wikipedia, “Mitoraj’s sculptural style is rooted in the classical tradition with its focus on the well modelled torso. However, Mitoraj introduces a post-modern twist with ostentatiously truncated limbs, emphasising the damage sustained by most genuine classical sculptures.”