A Postcard from Poland

I just received my first postcard from Ian in Poland.

Oh, and his mom is there, too. In a recent email, she reported from the rural town of Lesko, where she’s visiting:

Ian is talking more and more.  Some new words include "eat," "outside" (side), "on" (which means both on and off), and "read."  There is a new playground by Beata's [editor's note: Beata is a friend of Marysia's who's visited us in Alabama] Mom's apartment.  Ian wanted to join the older kids on all of their play equipment.  Everyone was very tolerant of him, making room for him and letting him explore.  He had a whole cheering squad, too--me, Beata, her mom, and the son of a cousin.  Ian took a liking to the cousin, who seems to be about 12, and Pawel was surprisingly receptive to Ian.  He also took a liking to Beata's mom, and even went out with her when she went to pick up a few things at the store (one nice thing about Poland is that small shops are within a few feet of just about everywhere).  He seems surprisingly able to communicate, even with people who don't speak his language.

In a day or two, Ian and Marysia will be returning to Krak√≥w. And apparently, Ian greatly enjoys all the trains, trams, buses and other forms of transportation in the big city. (Marysia hasn’t mentioned his response to the fire-breathing dragon.) It sounds like he’s having a blast!

The plan is for me to go out there for Ian’s birthday, 27 September, and stay for a couple of weeks. I can’t wait!

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