Ian has taken his time putting together full sentences, but he’s become a real chatterbox lately. He tells stories. He points places out and asks “Remember when we were there?” And about a month ago (June 25th, actually), he asked “why?” for the first time. I thought it might be a fluke, but the next day he asked “why?” twice. A couple of days later, we had the following conversation as we drove away from his daycare:

Ian: There’s a new road!
Mama: Yes, no more diggers anymore. [over the past few months, the road was redone outside his daycare]
I: Why?
M: Because the road is all done now.
M:Now the trucks are over there, building a bike path.
M: So people like Daddy can ride their bikes to the University.
I: Why?
M:To get some exercise and to not polute the environment.

The conversation went on from there, and we’ve had many more like it since then.

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