I Build Pacific Rim Jaegers

Introduction:  These jaegers i built using  jaeger designer and also made a background for some of them.

blueprint #2
the blueprint for alabama 12 (front view).
the first jaeger built for the U.S. it was built for new york and is now helping to build skyscrapers.
blueprint #3
the blueprint for alabama 12 (back view)
sniper ronin
built for long-ranged combat
crimson tide
roll tide roll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
gipsy danger 2.0
the second gipsy danger (in my imagination) if you do not know what i am talking about see pacific rim (just realized this, i put the wrong legs (and arms!) on it the legs are cherno alpha’s and i don’t know what jaegar the arms belong to)!
blueprint #1
the blueprint for alabama 48 (i think)
shih han
shih han’s jaegar.
cherno alpha 2.0
the second cherno alpha

tacit tacit lucky saber brawler crimson scimitar coronado spirit

bessie's jaeger
bessie’s jaeger
alabama 8
t’was the strongest jaeger ever built but it rusted quickly, so when it went out into the waves to fight a kaiju it rusted to the core but fortunatly the crew was rescued by alabama 48
alabama 48
this jaeger helped rescue the crew of alabama 8.
alabama 51
as the name sugusts it is the only mark-7 jaeger IN SERVICE. there have been others.
alabama 45
this jaeger was moved to hawaii after alabama 50 was moved to japan.
alabama 11
this jaeger froze in alaska.
alabama 12
this jaeger froze in alaska
alabama 49
this is a rogue jaeger it was accidentally turned into a living organism!

alabama 32 alabama 10 alabama 9 alabama 7 alabama 6 alabama 5 alabama 4

the old jaeger built for alabama.
the grand old jaeger built for alabama.

alabama 2

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